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A New Anti-Fog and Anti-Frost Camera Lens Coating is Discovered

A new coating technology may eventually help photographers deal with issues related to camera lenses performance in cold environments. The new coating technology was developed by Robert E. Cohen, Michael F. Rubner and their team. It allows lenses to perform well in a sub-zero conditions, by resisting frost and fog. The coating is not only […]

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FLIR System Unveils the X6500sc Camera Lens

FLIR System has unveiled a thermal imaging camera lens that’s ideal for accurate temperature measurement at long distances. The assembly is built around a motorized f/2.0 lens, which offers 5.5 degree horizontal FoV. There are diverse application options for the X6500sc lens including temperature measurements of brake disks, tires, and any fast-moving objects. The USL […]

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Sony Releases Two New Lenses for A-mount Series

Sony has unveiled new optics prepared exclusively for the A-mount series used by Alpha DSLT. This includes a primary Carl Zeiss lens and telephoto optics. To be specific, there are two different lenses, Carl Zeiss Planar T* 50mm ZA SSM and 70 – 400mm f/4 5.6 SSMII, which are good enough for complementing the Sony […]