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Contour ROAM 2 Review

Contour ROAM 2

The Contour ROAM 2 is an upgrade over the original ROAM with its ability to record 720p footages at 60 fps. This would result in smoother video playback, especially when users intend to add some slow motion effects. Included in the packaging are lens cloth, storage pouch, 4GB microSD card, lens cap, USB cable, lanyard tether, one rotating flat surface mount and one profile mount.

Like any HD camcorder, the ROAM 2 also records 1080p full HD footages, this time at 30fps. Colors representation in the video should be acceptable with adequate sharpness level.

Its automatic white balance feature is helpful for maintaining true colors during outdoor uses. Recording videos with ROAM 2 should be very straightforward with the highly visible “On Record / Off” button, which is placed on top of the camcorder. The stereo microphone should work well during most recording sessions and complement the 1080p recording capability nicely.

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