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Sony Shows New Camera Lenses in NAB 2013

Sony New Camera Lenses

Sony recently showed us a prototype camera model in NAB 2013, which combines the physical design of DSLR and high-performance motion picture requirements, There will also be an introduction to complementary lenses.

Other than giving us two new 4k camera set, Sony also shows us what kind of camera lenses we will get in the coming years. There will be a wide variety of camera lenses released by the company, including telephoto and wide-angle models.

Nevertheless, one thing that stands out is a camera with DSLR-like form factor, which could be Sony’s take on the Canon EOS-1D C. These new products won’t be available until some time and some of them should begin to creep to the shelves in coming months.


  • Paul Reply

    There are a few exceptions.The kit that came with the N60s etc were budget G series lens and lacked an inbuilt focus motor, used on a budget nikon DSLR (that is the D5000 or D3000) that also lacks a focus motor, and you are left with no option other than to manual focus if you wish to carry the inexpensive G lens over to digital.The N60s etc will accept any nikon F mount lens, except where old pre-Ai lens with bunny ears’ will foul the aperture sensing ring.Depending on the lens you may need to focus manually or stop down meter.I would opt for an n65 (gains depth of field preview) or n80 with a 50mm f1.8 AF lens, a budget compact set up capable of high quality results and which will assist your learning of apertures and depth of field.

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