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Zeiss Launches Touit Lenses for Fuji and Sony Mirror-less Cameras

Touit Lenses for Fuji

In Photokina 2012, Zeiss first unveiled that it was developing a new lens lineup for mirror-less cameras. Branded as “Touit”, these 32mm/f1.8 and 12mm f/2.8 lenses are now available for Sony E mount and Fuji X mount. The latter is a wide-angle lens, geared toward architectural and landscape photography

Zeiss settled on the rather weird name after performing an international selection procedure. It was derived from a species of band-tailed parrot endemic to countries in the Caribbean and Latin America, Pronounced as “to it”, these lenses should rhyme with “ do it” and Zeiss said that the name signifies mobility, agility and good visibility.

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