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Fixing a Lightly Scratched Camera Lens

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It isn’t necessary to completely replace a scratched camera lens, as repairing one may actually cost you more than the camera unit itself. In most cases, tiny scratches won’t affect images produced, but larger ones do. If you begin to notice constant blurriness on the same area of the images, it could necessary to deal with those scratches.

Use microfiber cloth and lens solution to clean the lens thoroughly. Don’t drop the cleaning solution directly on the lens, but put it onto the microfiber cloth. The next step is to mix 20 part of clean water to 1 part of 3.5 percent rubbing alcohol.

Dip another microfiber cloth into the diluted alcohol solution and rub it into the scratched area gently until those fine scratches disappear. Use a fresh, clean microfiber cloth to dry and buff the affected area.

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