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Panasonic Leica D Summilux Asph 25mm F1.4 Review

Panasonic Leica D Summilux Asph 25mm F1.4

The Leica D Summilux Asph 25mm F1.4 is one of four-third lenses released by Panasonic. The company hasn’t been too successful with its four-third lenses ventures and it seems to put more effort micro four-third EVIL models instead.

The Leica D Summilux Asph 25mm F1.4 is known for its very large aperture and for about $800, it isn’t exactly a budget item. This should be one of those lenses that leave photographers feeling the itch when such an exotic model is offered in stores.

The lens produces reasonably sharp center, very high contrast and good corner performance at f/1.4. The center quality gets even better at f/2.0. However, some photographers may find the comparatively high lateral chromatic aberrances an issue. At large apertures, the vignetting can be rather disturbing. The lens is appropriate for bokeh, but image corners may deteriorate somewhat.

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