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Schneider Introduces Two New Lenses for iPhone 5

Schneider New Lenses for iPhone 5

Schneider has just unveiled two lightweight lenses for the iPhone 5. These Schneider iPro Series 2 lenses are basically retooled camera lenses to fit the smaller camera used by the iPhone 5. Offered capabilities include macro lenses, 2x telephoto, 0.6x wide-angle and fisheye. It has nicely modified case, which is consisted of a couple of parts for easier fitting.

Overall, these lenses and the iPhone 5 are lightweight alternatives for those tired of carrying 20 pounds of bulky camera and its huge lenses all day long. In fact, users can carry the iPhone 5 and both lenses in their jeans pocket, which is a pretty tempting proposition. Schneider iPro Series 2 lenses will be on sale in May.

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